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Learn to Dive and Help the Thai Ecosystem Thrive

Date added: Friday 24th October 2014

Learn to Dive and Help the Thai Ecosystem Thrive

If you feel an itch in your toes and a stirring in your heart then perhaps itís time to embrace your inner wanderer and venture fourth to new lands. Travelling is a wonderful pursuit in itself, but itís even better if you can travel responsibly and make a difference along the way. Projects Abroad offers hundreds of different projects in 29 destinations across the world, including the pristine beaches of Thailand.

The Diving and Marine Conservation Project in Thailand is extremely popular due to the beauty of its location and the opportunities that it offers volunteers. Imagine ducking beneath the mirror-like surface of the serene Andaman Sea and entering another world, where vibrant corals adorn the sea bed and schools of fish flit between sunbeams. You donít need prior diving experience as one of your first responsibilities will be obtaining your PADI scuba diving certification Ė donít worry, itís an easy and fun course which most people really enjoy.

Once you have your Advanced Open Water Diver certification you can delight in diving in one of the worldís best locations, which offers incredibly diverse marine life, from turtles and rays to harmless reef sharks and schools of colourful, tropical fish. Your role is primarily focused on reef conservation so youíll be participating in regular reef check surveys, dive against debris surveys and ocean conservancy data collection.

Aside from exploring the Andaman Sea, youíll also be involved in educating the local community, helping with beach and ocean clean-ups and participating in reforestation work. The Krabi Province area where youíll live and work is surrounded by ancient mangrove forests, which support an abundance of life. Another aspect of your role will be protecting these gorgeous, lush forests by joining in on replanting efforts. If you have a love for conservation and marine life then this is the ideal placement for you!

Volunteers generally work five day weeks and then your weekends are free to explore the attractions of the area, from golden beaches to markets bustling with vendors selling food and clothes. The town centre is a mere ten minute tuk tuk drive away, presenting multiple opportunities to explore and have fun.

If youíre thinking of taking a gap year, extended holiday or career break then why not make the time meaningful? Explore the wonders of Thailand while making a sustainable difference to the environment and local community.

Explore the wonders of Thailand with Projects Abroad.