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The Value of Volunteering by Lattitude

Date added: Wednesday 13th August 2014

“It’s really positive that volunteering is recognised by high profile institutions, recruitment agencies, universities and parents as a legitimate option for young people.  We see the value first hand in terms of the professional and transferable skills and experience it helps to develop in the young people who participate in our placements.  Our volunteers regularly tell us that volunteering with Lattitude has been life changing.” (Joanne Smithson, Chief Executive of Lattitude)

One such person is Emily Ketteridge, aged 20 from Colchester, who has recently returned from a 4 month placement in India.


“Year 12 at college was a stressful time for me; all my friends were starting to apply for university and I felt completely lost; I had no idea what I wanted to study or where I wanted to go. I went to see the college careers officer to enquire about year outs;  The careers officer started talking about a charity called Lattitude Global Volunteering, which he had worked for before retiring. I went home and searched online, I saw they offered unique opportunities for young people to fully immerse themselves in a completely different culture for an extended period of time in remote parts of the world. It was perfect!


I applied, had my interview and was blown away by the constant support and quick responses to my endless emails filled with questions I sent to Lattitude. I felt completely supported and very well informed of what was expected of me as a Lattitude volunteer leading up to my trip.


I volunteered for 4 months in a remote boarding school in the foothills of the Himalayas near to the stunning tea fields of Darjeeling and was placed with a girl from New Zealand who has now become my best friend! We taught English through music, drama, games and arts and crafts to children between the ages of 2 and 17.


My whole experience in India was tough yet incredibly rewarding; I really feel that my experience at the school has given me such incredible tolerance, patience, strength and happiness; and of course, amazing memories which I will treasure forever!


In September I’m off to Loughborough University to study International Business, I feel that my experience in India has been excellent preparation to move away and be completely independent and self sufficient. I want to thank Lattitude Global Volunteering for giving me the opportunity to embark on this incredible journey and for all their support 100% of the way!”


Lattitude is increasing the reach of overseas volunteering to all young people, particularly to those who may not have previously considered it because of financial constraints.  Miss Smithson adds:  “Lattitude is keen to make volunteering placements accessible to all young people, no matter their financial circumstances and we have a number of bursary opportunities available.  In addition to this, we are one of only 11 organisations selected to deliver the Government’s International Citizen Service (ICS) programme.  The programme provides fully funded 10 week placements for 18-25 year olds and 6 month Team Leader roles for those aged 23 or over.  We’d encourage anyone considering taking some time out to consider volunteering.