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Women's football team established by Volunteers with Pod

Date added: Friday 16th May 2014

PoD volunteer placement in Ghana has just launched a ladies football team in rural tropical Africa with the help of volunteers. The football team started last month and each week up to 30 ladies between 13 to 35 years old get together on the village football pitch to participate in the football training sessions.

Gemma, from the PoD UK office who has just returned from her placement visit says “It was fantastic to watch the ladies team develop while I was on my recent project visit, everyone was keen to learn new skills and proudly posed post match in their new football kits. It was very memorable to watch the training in the evening while the red African sun set over the surrounding village. The community supported the first ever ladies football team and many cheered on the team in their first match against the neighbouring village.”

The training lasts for 1.5 hours and the football kit for each player was kindly donated to the charity by a past volunteer. The sports equipment donations are more than simple hand-outs since the time given by volunteers allows personal development and team structure for the women and girls in the community. The women have rule lessons with a teacher from the secondary school before the volunteers run exercises for the squad to help increase their skills on the pitch.

The football training and sports coaching run by volunteers is a very important since spending time with the women and helping them to learn new skills helps them to increase their in confidence in their everyday situations. It is also a great way to encourage team work and inspire increased school attendance by having fun in a relaxed environment, since many girls drop out of school early to start a family or help their family income.  A confidential weekly women's health group run by the community nurse has been established to compliment the training and allow the women to ask questions they may not want to ask in a regular clinic.

The women's and men's football team would love to have more sports coaching volunteers around the year to help them increase their skills. The community is keen to learn other sports too, so if you are more interested in netball, cricket, volleyball, rugby or anything else they would love to learn.

If you would like to get involved in coaching sports in Ghana the first step is to find out more about the PoD volunteer placement here:

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