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How to Pursue Luxury Hotel Accommodation on a Budget Whilst On Your Gap Year

Date added: Tuesday 22nd October 2013

As a student it is necessary to budget your activities to save money, which will then help finance your future.  For some students, the decision to take a gap year means more budgeting may have to be conducted in order to finance extra activities while away.  Those gap years are about exploring, taking that year to regroup and although some students stay in study mode whilst on a gap year the majority do disengage from education altogether and either work or travel abroad.


Accommodation is normally pre-planned and booked for gap years in advance but what happens when you want to run off into the sunset and indulge in staying in luxury hotels.  Can a student really afford this luxury or will they have to make do with their hostel choice or family exchange.  We take a look into how students can pursue luxury hotel accommodation on a budget during their break.


How to Take Advantage of the Hotel Discounts


Hong Kong is a popular stop off point for gap year particiapnts visiting China.  The Peninsula Hotel is one of the finest in the world.The luxury bargain is the ultimate lifestyle statement. Hotels are no different. You have a fantastic, often overwhelming choice of comparison websites, vouchers and tricks of the trade to ensure you get the best deal for your luxury hotel. Here are the best tips for getting your discount luxury hotel.


For one, the aim of the game is to get the best hotel you can for the best price possible. It's not as hard as it sounds. Simply picking your destination, checking out the best hotels and picking your top three we will get you nowhere. You need to be tactful, in a position to be able to bargain with each hotel - and the best bargaining chip is the ability to walk away and not settle for the first best option. Remember, you want to be in the position that the hotel wants that sale more than you want the room. So, do check what offers each hotel has on its website and give them a call if you think they can do better. Let them know you're looking at their competitors and play them off against each other and if you can drive the prices down a bit all the better.


Secondly, do invest time in the comparison websites to see which travel agents or websites offer the best price for your chosen hotels. There are plenty of websites to choose from, Trivago, Travel Supermarket, and TripAdvisor. The trick is to use them all and don't just stick with one. Yes, it's time consuming, but do it during the dead time which can be in front of the TV and it will not seem like such a chore - just think of your luxury hotel bargain on a gap year break. Do be careful of hidden costs though, as a lot of these comparison websites will not add on the room tax that many countries charge until right at the end, and what can seem a bargain can turn out to be the same as the hotel's rack price! Also be wary of rooms that are marked as ‘on request' as these aren't firm offers of available rooms.


Pot Luck Luxury Hotel Recommendations


Pot luck might not be your favourite way of booking a hotel break on your gap year, but it could just get you a luxury hotel at an absolute steal. A lot of websites offer unnamed hotel rooms at a bargain price, for example often runs these sorts of deals. The catch is that you don't know what the hotel is so you don't know how much of a bargain you're actually getting and if you're a student travelling alone whilst away on a gap you do want to keep safe and protected so be on guard with these types of offers. Here are a few ideas to take on board and stay safe on your year out:


1-      Compare the hotels' rating against those on Tripadvisor hotels in that area.

2-      Google the hotel description to see if last minute deal sites have just lifted it straight from the hotel's website.

3-      Check out Money Saving Expert's "Top Secret Hotels Revealed" discussion pages to see if your offer is on there.


I would recommend you sign up for hotel discounts on Vouchercloud, Groupon or LivingSocial; you will indeed find discounted luxury in safe accommodation and you can pick up incredible bargains by being patient, clever and adaptable. It's a great idea to download the apps for these companies on your smartphone so you can keep up-to-date all the time; very useful for when travelling abroad. However, do make sure you are on wi-fi when checking deals and not wrapping up a huge roaming bill as the last thing you need after a year out is a loan to pay off your debt.


Keep safe, enjoy luxury on a budget and most of all explore and enjoy your year out.


Author: Hannah Connor is a freelance writer, who loves money saving discounts and travelling on a budget. If you do have any tips of your own please let us know.




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Paul Phelps

Pretty good tips Hannah. I would have never though about using google like that to get last minute hotel rooms for cheap. I usually just compare a bunch of hotel discount sites like booking, bookinghotelstay, expedia, and trivago till I find the best price. Think I will give your way a shot next time.
Comment made: Tuesday 29th October 2013

Bob Trotta

Thank you very much for sharing this informative information which I am searching for last 6 month. Very informative with full of article.
Comment made: Thursday 13th February 2014


Bless you for this purpose tips. Make treasure your task, continue the good work.
Comment made: Thursday 13th February 2014

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