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Travel Insurance Pitfalls

Date added: Friday 16th August 2013

Ever had that sinking feeling when you've put in an insurance claim and realised it may not be covered? In the holiday season, there is nothing worse than your break being interrupted by insurance claims and the uncertainty of a payout. This scenario can be avoided if you read your policy documents before you take out the policy and ensure that you have the appropriate level of cover. Here are five of the most common claims that get refused - beware!


Do not get drunk!


A holiday is the time when many people let their hair down and enjoy a hard earned drink. However, as many teenagers in party destinations such as Magaluf have discovered, if something happens to you while drunk, there is a very good chance the insurance company will not cover you. Forewarned is forearmed; If you don't want to forego your heavy drinking session and think there is a good chance you are going to get more than a little tipsy, be aware that your insurer may not accept a claim should any mishaps occur whilst under the influence.


Always declare pre-existing medical conditions

If you fail to mention any medical conditions that you already suffer from when taking out insurance, you may find that your insurance company will not cover your claim. From asthma to arthritis to a triple heart bypass, any condition you have had trouble with in the past, or that you currently take medication for, MUST be highlighted when you take the policy out.


Make sure holiday activities are covered

Many people go on holiday and take part in activities they hadn't planned to before they left. Quad biking, wind-surfing and bungee jumping are all great fun but they may not covered by your insurance policy. Many holiday makers, swept up in the excitement of their break away and no work for a couple of weeks, forget about terms and conditions and embark on activities they would not normally do at home. If you know you are going to be doing anything adventurous, make sure that you find a policy that covers the activity. If you decide whilst you are abroad that you are going to climb up the side of a cliff with nothing but a harness on, ring your insurance company first and check if you are covered and if not, how much it will cost to change that.


Enquire about theft terms and conditions

Be very careful to look after your belongings when you are away. Many companies insist on belongings being on you at the time of theft or locked away in a safe. If your camera was simply left on your sunbed when you went for a dip, chances are you are not covered. Also, check the guidelines within your insurance documents for reporting any thefts. Many stipulate that a theft needs to be reported within 24 or 48 hours after the event and a crime number is needed from the police to make the claim valid.


Author: Caroline Lloyd has seen several people have bad experiences from buying travel insurance only to find when they had to claim they discovered they were not covered. Has this ever happened to you?

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