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Essential Accessories for the Gap Year Traveller

Date added: Wednesday 31st July 2013

So you are off on your gap year to relax, recuperate, and just to have some time out from studying or even starting real life. You need to take the right gadgets with you to ensure that you get the best from your travels, and you need these gadgets to be easy to transport, light and durable.


A universal electric plug adapter for the gap year travellerFirst off, you must remember to get appropriate adapters for your destination. If you are going to Europe from the UK, a two pin adaptor plug is essential to charge up your phone, camera or entertainment system. If they take batteries, you should take spare ones with you, but put them in your checked luggage to make it easier to bring them with you. Place your laptop battery in your checked baggage as well, as some airlines don't like lithium batteries in the cabin.


For the plane, some noise cancelling headphones are just the thing to block out the sounds of the Headphones - the better the quality the better the sound but look after themother passengers, especially in the summer holidays when people go away with their kids. Sennheiser do some great noise cancelling headphones, and if you are heading somewhere warm, some in ear headphones, as the cushioned padding on some of the larger cans can be too warm. Even short trips, like trips to Geneva can be full of loud screaming children. Best to fill up your phone or tablet with a few films or your favourite TV show and ignore them all.

Visit your local high street before you depart. Buy cheap clothing when you arriveIf you are on a long flight and want to get some rest on the plane, the best place to pick up flight accessories such as neck pillows is not in airport shops, where the prices are jacked up as it's the last place you can get one, but pound shops, which are springing up on every high street.

When you are abroad, it's best to keep your phone on airplane mode and use free WiFi from coffee shops, your hotel or wherever you can find to communicate with home, as roaming charges can be really expensive. If you need your phone for calls, make sure you turn off mobile data to keep any internet and data usage off the table.

You also need to make sure that you have got the right insurance for your holiday. If you are taking expensive items such as your iPad, Kindle Fire or Macbook, make sure that you've got it covered on your insurance and that the excess isn't too high if something does go wrong.



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