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Australia’s Outback workforce is looking international

Date added: Tuesday 21st May 2013


Mustering cattle on foot in the Australian OutbackRural Australia has never seen so many European faces. Replacing the Aussies on the farms, the new faces of Australia's rural workforce are now young, international and looking for an overseas working adventure.

With the mining boom in Australia going full pelt, young and dynamic Australians who used to work the land are now flocking to the cities. Worryingly for local farmers, this means their already tough jobs are getting tougher without workers. Cue the gap year students and international travellers.

Without the many backpackers that work their way across Australia each year, farmers would be in trouble. Several working programmes available for travellers in search of adventure prepare, train and give guaranteed jobs to those looking to work in farming and outdoors environments. The farmers get well-trained and hardworking individuals, whilst the travellers get the experience of a lifetime living and working in Australia's vast Outback.

Oyster Worldwide offers 2 weeks of preparation (and many months of support) for travellers to join forces on farms in Australia. They spend several days acclimatising at Rainbow Beach before heading onto training farms to learn the trade. Here they will learn to drive tractors, muster cattle, shear sheep, build fences, ride dirt bikes and all other useful skills needed for life in the Outback. Following on from that week, guaranteed work is offered on one of the 1800 farms with which Oyster works across the rural Outback.

And now is the perfect time to get involved. "Most young people in rural Australia are going to the mines. It's big money and the old farming industries can't match it," one local farmer said. "If we didn't have backpackers, it would be even harder to work farms."

If you are interested in getting involved in farm work in Australia, have a look at our paid work in Australia webpage. Don't worry, you don't have to be a farmer already to make the most of this opportunity. Enthusiasm, motivation and a love of the great outdoors are enough to get you farm work in Australia's rural wilderness.

Written by Anna Smellie, Destination Manager at Oyster Worldwide a Full Member of Year Out Group.


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