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Year Out Groupís Blog

Date added: Tuesday 18th August 2009

A gap year is a unique opportunity for an individual to develop a program of activities that meets their personal requirements as part of a career or educational plan.  Year Out Group’s website is designed to offer advice on how best to research and plan a gap year program.  Much of this advice is enduring and requires only minor amendment year on year.  At the same time some of the issues that will affect an individual’s gap year plans are dynamic so the main theme of this blog will be to offer some topical comment in order to enhance the core advice in the website.  There will also be opportunities to comment on the benefits of taking a structured gap year and many other associated topics.

The scope is broad as there are so many aspects involved in researching, planning, implementing and reviewing a gap year program.  The range of activities offered seems to expand year on year while local, national and international events and the whims of travellers sees destinations rise and
fall in popularity.

The revamp of Year Out Group’s website has provided the opportunity to introduce this blog. Hopefully there will be sufficient issues to inspire some helpful posts on a regular basis.


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