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Advice for Gap Year Parents

In the best of years the autumn is an anxious period for the parents of those taking a gap year. But this year their number will be swelled significantly by those students taking a gap year unexpectedly. Some years ago, when faced with a similar situation, the following thoughts came to mind: What can he do? Where? What about the finance? If he goes abroad how will we keep in touch? Is it safe and what are the benefits? [ Read more... ]

Date added: Tuesday 1st September 2009

ďNever before has travel health insurance been so important"

Swine flu broke out in Mexico earlier this year. Within a few weeks it had spread to over thirty countries and the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a pandemic. In July swine flu was seldom off the front pages of the newspapers as the number of cases soared. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Tuesday 18th August 2009

Year Out Groupís Blog

A gap year is a unique opportunity for an individual to develop a program of activities that meets their personal requirements as part of a career or educational plan. Year Out Groupís website is designed to offer advice on how best to research and plan a gap year program. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Tuesday 18th August 2009