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Tuition Fees and the Gap Year

The information that we have to date provides no indication as to the Government’s thinking on the relation between gap years and tuition fees, nor for that matter do we know how the universities will approach the issue. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Monday 15th November 2010

Gap Year Travellers Should Take Malaria Seriously

Malaria is a serious, sometimes fatal, tropical disease spread by mosquito bites. Anyone on a gap year going to a malaria region is at risk. Each year around 1,500 travellers are diagnosed with malaria and between five and fifteen of them die of malaria. Some of these were gap year travellers who for whatever reason did not think it would happen to them. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Sunday 1st September 2013

Gap Year Guide Book Covers the Essentials

The key to a successful gap year is to research and plan the time in as much detail as possible. This is the message that comes through loud and clear from Gap Years – The Essential Guide by Emma Jayne Jones. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Sunday 3rd October 2010

Advice for Gap Year Parents

In the best of years the autumn is an anxious period for the parents of those taking a gap year. But this year their number will be swelled significantly by those students taking a gap year unexpectedly. Some years ago, when faced with a similar situation, the following thoughts came to mind: What can he do? Where? What about the finance? If he goes abroad how will we keep in touch? Is it safe and what are the benefits? [ Read more... ]

Date added: Tuesday 1st September 2009

“Never before has travel health insurance been so important"

Swine flu broke out in Mexico earlier this year. Within a few weeks it had spread to over thirty countries and the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a pandemic. In July swine flu was seldom off the front pages of the newspapers as the number of cases soared. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Tuesday 18th August 2009

Year Out Group’s Blog

A gap year is a unique opportunity for an individual to develop a program of activities that meets their personal requirements as part of a career or educational plan. Year Out Group’s website is designed to offer advice on how best to research and plan a gap year program. [ Read more... ]

Date added: Tuesday 18th August 2009