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Aspiring members do not yet meet the condition of membership, usually because they have only recently begun trading. However they have provided evidence that they are legitmate businesses and committed to meeting our standards. Their owners have been interviewed as part of our screening process and YOG feels they demonstrate the motivation and competence to give them every chance of creating successful businesses and great experiences for the public.

Year Out Group will be working with these business with a view to them attaining full membership in the future. Please remember to use our questions to ask organisations check list if you decide to enquire with them or indeed any organisation whether they are a member or not.

As with all our full members, Year Out Group cannot provide any guarantee of organisation particulars. See Disclaimer

Aspiring Members 2017

(based in Sri Lanka)

About us: We are Sri Lanka’s leading educational and development non-profit volunteering agency. Each project is long term, and we know each of the people that we work with personally. As a result, we can answer any questions you may have, and tailor your experience to your required outcomes, and support you with our local knowledge and local staff, and project managers.

History: In 2014, Paul and Jane were invited by the Sri Lankan government to support their people’s education and social development. This led to us setting up a Sri Lankan education company, and a UK non-profit volunteering company in 2015. In 2016, we were invited to establish a Sri Lankan NGO, which is on line to receive our first international funding in May 2017. Our aims, through each agency, are education, development, and conservation.

What we do: We support and train Sri Lankan government school and college teachers of English in their schools and colleges, as well as their pupils, age 3-25. WE volunteer in schools and universities for monks, in villages, and orphanages (including the SOS Village Orphanage’s Preschool). We support both the vital English language learning of their pupils, and their vocational skills development, equipping them to work in a global economy. We build toilets, upgrade housing, and as an NGO, we have plans to replace peoples mud houses, with brick built housing, which will also support vocational building industry trainees.

Our volunteers, who may be groups, families, or individuals, are accommodated in hostel style accommodation, through which we also support young people from the orphanages, and local colleges training for the hospitality industry, to gain experience of work, whilst learning English. Everything we do is aimed at development, including income growing through introducing tourists to village life and crafts with local people.

At the heart of all our success in seeing people’s lives changed, is the impact of your volunteering, which makes this possible. And we give you 100%, 360⁰ support, 24 hours a day.

Skills Development, Your CV, a fresh look at your world: A placement with us will be reflected on your CV as a placement in working for the Sri Lankan government, an education company, and an NGO. Your experience will not only make a difference here, but in your life too. As an education company, we believe in doing our best to support our volunteers’ development, and tailoring your volunteering to match your skills and desired outcomes. If you aren’t sure what you really want from the experience, by the end of your time with us, you’ll have a long list of how you have benefited.

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